La Presidenta’s Thank You

Posted Aug 05, 2019
La Presidenta’s Thank You Barbara Carroll
Barbara Carroll

I would like to sincerely thank all that participated in our 95th year and enjoyed Fiesta 2019. We had a wonderful year, with terrific events all summer long.

I started my year with a proclamation describing how Fiesta represents the “Spirit of Community.” As happens every year, thousands again participated in our events as volunteers, performers, equestrians and spectators. Our community came alive with volunteers working hard and celebrating with good food, songs and dance. It truly was a festival that celebrated the warmth, generosity, vivacity and sense of fun we as a community have to offer.

I would like to extend thanks on behalf of the Board of Old Spanish Days to all of our sponsors and partners. With your support and assistance Fiesta 2019 was a wonderful festival that brought joy to the community and helped so many of our local non-profits. With your help we have made a real difference in this community.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors of Old Spanish Days and staff members Kim Gutierrez and Maria Jimenez for again putting on the best of all of Santa Barbara’s festivals. I would also like to thank all of you who volunteered your time and your talents to help us celebrate our shared culture and traditions. This Fiesta was amazing!

On a personal note, this year was very special for me. I had the honor to share this year with so many wonderful people. I would like to thank Spirit of Fiesta Sophia Cordero and Junior Spirit Paloma Valenzuela, and their families. They were wonderful every single day, and I am grateful for the talent and passion they brought to every performance. I would like to thank St. Barbara Debra Fedaleo and the Native Daughters of the Golden West for their on-going support of Old Spanish Days. I want to thank my honorary Presidentes Tom and Denise Peterson and Riley and Dacia Harwood for their help and support this year, and for their support of all of our events. I would like to thank my life-long friends and my entire family for coming together to make this year so memorable. Each one of you have been genuine blessings!

Fiesta is truly a community event and 2019 was memorable every step of the way! 2020 will be our 96th year and I trust it will be equal or better than Fiesta 2019.  Fiesta again brought us all together and gave us the opportunity to celebrate our community tradition of mi casa es su casa.

Very truly yours,

Barbara Carroll
2019 La Presidenta