Proclamación del Presidente

Posted Feb 21, 2020
Proclamación del Presidente

Welcome Friends, Bienvenidos Amigos

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara, it is my honor to welcome you to the 96th Fiesta celebration!

~ The rhythm of life in Santa Barbara is measured from one Fiesta to another: Families gather together, making memories, forming traditions, sharing the pride we all feel in our community.

For five enchanted days under the warm summer sun, and during the full of the August moon, Fiesta lifts our spirits and delights our senses. In a kaleidoscope of activity, Old Spanish Days pays homage to Santa Barbara’s historic past in revelry that extends throughout this magical region nestled between an amphitheater of mountains and the deep, blue sea.

Come early and stay late for Fiesta’s hours are crowded and full of entertainment. Marvel at the intricate swirling costumes and passionate performances of skillful dancers as they bring this year’s theme, ¡Vamos a Bailar! / Let’s Dance!, to life. Listen to the melodies of traditional songs, feast on local cuisine and enjoy the ocean-scented breezes on casual strolls through the mercados while experiencing the romance and hospitality of early California.

Hasten when the bells of the Old Mission call the people together at sunset on the eve of Old Spanish Days. Delight as the paseos and plazas become a riot of color with fluttering banners and flag-draped balconies. And celebrate the country’s greatest gathering of magnificent horses and silver saddles, floats that commemorate special moments in our history and the diverse array of individuals who have woven together our community tapestry.

Santa Barbara is a wonderful-to-be-alive kind of place and there is so much to savor during our yearly fandango. So many memories await the entire family—and all you need is the spirit of Fiesta in your heart. My hope is that you join us in the dance of Old Spanish Days. ~

I look forward to seeing you, meeting you, and writing the next chapter in our story.

¡Viva la Fiesta!
Erik Hugh Davis
El Presidente 2020