Maria Cabrera
La Secretaria & Presidente Inmediata Pasada

Maria Cabrera<br /><em>La Tesorera</em>

Maria Cabrera is the La Secretaria & Presidente Inmediata Pasada having served as 2022 La Presidente for Old Spanish Days, Inc. She has served on the OSD board since 2006. Maria's responsibilities on the Executive board have included Treasurer, 1st VP and Division Chief of Dance & Entertainment. She has chaired Noches de Ronda, Spirits of Fiesta Audition, Fiesta Pequeña, Fiesta Pequeña Reception, Mission Liaison, La Misa y La Misa Reception, Parade Announcers, Archiving, Fiesta Costume Sale, flowers for El Desfile Historico, and various Fiesta Administrative Committees.