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Old Spanish Days Announces Fiesta 2020 Theme

Posted Feb 21, 2020
Old Spanish Days Announces Fiesta 2020 Theme

SANTA BARBARA, CA – February 21, 2020 – Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara announced that the official theme of this year’s Fiesta will be “¡Vamos a Bailar!”, in English, “Let’s Dance!”.

Each year, the Presidente of Fiesta chooses a theme that will set the tone for the coming year. El Presidente Erik Davis was inspired by the way dance is so deeply connected to all aspects of Fiesta.

“For me, dance embodies the joy, emotion and true spirit of Fiesta.” said El Presidente Erik Davis. “The amazing dancing you will see throughout the Fiesta season honors our history, captures our traditions and celebrates our Santa Barbara story. My hope is that you will join us in the dance of Old Spanish Days.”

Celebrated since 1924, Fiesta is unique among festivals in that it is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by one full-time staff member. The Board of Directors oversee all of the volunteer committees that support 19 official Old Spanish Days events and activities in 14 venues city-wide. Fiesta 2020 will be held August 5-9, 2020.

Davis also noted that tickets for the Spirit of Fiesta Auditions, where the 2020 Spirit of Fiesta and Junior Spirit of Fiesta will be chosen live, are now on sale via the Old Spanish Days website, www.sbfiesta.org . “The Spirit Auditions are one of my very favorite events of the year,” said Davis. “I hope you add Saturday, April 18 to your Old Spanish Days calendar!”

Read the official proclamation and find more information at www.sbfiesta.org