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Commemorative Fiesta 2020 Poster and Pin Unveiled

Posted May 21, 2020

​During a live television appearance, El Presidente Erik Davis unveiled this year’s official Commemorative Fiesta poster and pin.

The poster and pin are both original graphic designs by local Santa Barbara artist Andrew Leonard. The poster captures iconic scenes of Santa Barbara like the Santa Barbara Mission and the waterfront and prominently features a dancing couple. The couple depicted were inspired by famous posters from Seville, Spain and are evocative of this year’s Fiesta Theme,“¡Vamos a Bailar!”, in English, “Let’s Dance!”. The pin also features the dancing couple and the Mission while drawing inspiration from past pin designs.

“I wanted the pin and poster to embody this year’s theme, Vamos a Bailar (let’s dance) and I also wanted to pay homage to our beautiful city,” said El Presidente Erik Davis. “Dance represents the joy, emotion and true spirit of Fiesta and despite the chaos in the world right now, Santa Barbara is still a wonderful-to-be-alive kind of place. And while we cannot gather this year like we normally would, we can keep Fiesta in our hearts and look forward to the better times that are ahead.”

El Presidente Davis concluded “I hope the Fiesta 2020 poster and pin serve as a fond reminder of the joy and beauty of Fiesta and the happy memories we all share.”

“The primary inspiration came from the unique beauty of Santa Barbara both natural and man made,” said artist Andrew Leonard. “I am honored to be part of the enduring tradition of Old Spanish Days Fiesta through creating this year’s poster and pin.”

Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara, now in its 96th year, is dedicated to honoring and preserving Santa Barbara's rich history, spirit, culture, heritage, and traditions. Fiesta 2020 will be reimagined due to health concerns of Covid 19. Learn more about the reimagined events at ​www.sbfiesta.org​

Commemorative Fiesta 2020 Poster and Pin Unveiled
Commemorative Fiesta 2020 Poster and Pin Unveiled
2020 Fiesta Pin