Mercado de la Guerra Part of Fiesta 2021

Posted Jun 22, 2021

Popular Four-Day Festival to Include Non-Profit Booths, Food, Dance and Music

At the site that many consider the heart of Fiesta, local non-profit leaders joined Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara officials, and members of the local dance community, to announce Mercado de La Guerra will return to this year’s Fiesta.

Sidelined last year due to the restrictions, Mercado De La Guerra has been a part of Fiesta since the early days. Now in its 97th year, Fiesta in Santa Barbara offers a variety of free events to the public during the first weekend of August. No event exemplifies everything that is Fiesta more than the Mercado. From food to song and dance to providing a platform for local non-profits to earn their important annual operating revenues, Mercado De La Guerra is truly the heart of Fiesta.

Mercado de la Guerra Part of Fiesta 2021

“As an organization, we are thrilled to be bringing Mercado De La Guerra back to the community,” said 2021 Old Spanish Days Fiesta La Presidenta Stephanie Petlow. “Fiesta is for the community, and the Mercado is an important event for the entire public to enjoy.”

As is tradition, Mercado De La Guerra will run from 11 am to 10 pm the Wednesday of Fiesta, August 4 through Saturday, August 8.

Long-time Mercado and Fiesta sponsor Rincon Broadcasting will again be providing entertainment through its radio stations KTYD, KLTE and Radio Bronco. In addition, on Thursday of Fiesta Flamenco dancers will perform with live music from 12-4 pm. The official ribbon cutting for Fiesta 2021 will take place on Wednesday, August 4 at 10:45 am at Mercado De La Guerra.

“So many of the sponsors and supporters of Fiesta have expressed great enthusiasm that we will be able to hold Mercado De La Guerra this year,” said Fiesta El Segundo Vice Presidente David Bolton. “It’s the generous support of our Fiesta sponsors that make possible all of these free events for the public to enjoy.”

Laura Abrignani and Sean Malis will be co-chairs for this year’s Mercado De La Guerra. “It’s all about the community,” said Ms. Abrignani. “Mercado De La Guerra is about community.”

Fiesta runs August 4-8 this year. Events and celebrations were announced this past Wednesday and can found at

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