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Santa Barbara, CA. July 31 - August 4, 2024

Fiesta 2022 Leadership Team Unveiled

Posted Nov 21, 2021

Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara Looks Ahead to a Full And Safe Fiesta in 2022; Meeting with City Officials Planned

With anticipation and planning, officials of Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara are laying out plans for Fiesta 2022, and announced the leadership team that will guide the area’s largest regional festival in a safe environment next summer.

Fiesta 2022 Leadership Team thumbnail

La Presidente Maria Cabrera will lead the organization into its 98th year. She is a retired school counselor and current fulltime community volunteer. Primer Vice Presidente David Bolton, Segundo Vice Presidente Brian Schwabecher, Treasurer Colin Hayward, and El Secretario Fritz Olenberger will join La Presidente Cabrera on Fiesta executive committee. Additionally, the Fiesta 2022 leadership team will include Division Chiefs Janice Howell (Celebrations), Patricia Oreña (Dance and Entertainment), Casie Killgore (External Relations), Marge Romero (Mercados), and Tony Miller (Pageantry).

Fiesta 2022 Leadership Team Unveiled
From left: Division Chiefs Patricia Oreña (Dance and Entertainment), Janice Howell (Celebrations), Tony Miller (Pageantry), El Secretario Colin Hayward, Primer Vice Presidente David Bolton, 2022 La Presidente Maria Cabrera, Segundo Vice Presidente Brian Schwabecher, El Tesorero Fritz Olenberger, Division Chiefs Marge Romero (Marketplaces), and, not pictured, Casie Kilgore (External Relations). Photo courtesy Gretchen Olenberger for Old Spanish Days.

“As we come out of restrictions and a new changing community, Old Spanish Days is looking forward to a safe and successful Fiesta 2022,” said La Presidente Maria Cabrera. “After today’s important elections, we look forward to meeting with the mayor and city officials to plan the best festival possible for our community. This will be our 98th year of Fiesta in Santa Barbara, and we will be doing everything possible behind-the-scenes to organize and stage another event that this community is proud of and enjoys.”

“Fiesta means a great deal to our community. The festival helps to generate additional income for local businesses, and it celebrates our area’s rich history, culture and traditions. As an organization, we understand the importance of Fiesta for our community, and we understand the importance of strong organization and safety. All of this is made possible thanks to our volunteers, supporters and dedicated sponsors. We thank everyone that helps to continue our traditions, and is working to make our 98th Fiesta year a success.”

Fiesta in 2022 will be held August 3-7. The festival will also include events throughout the year beginning with La Primavera on May 21.