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Fiesta Poster Unveiled

Posted May 23, 2022

2022 Poster and Pin Highlight La Primavera Celebration “Todos Juntos en Familia”

Fiesta Poster Unveiled
“The entire community is represented”, 2022 Fiesta La Presidente Maria Cabrera said as she unveiled the 2022 Old Spanish Days Poster and Pin before a large gathering at Saturday’s La Primavera celebration held at the Carriage and Western Art Museum.

The poster is a joyful scene painted in lively colors depicting a celebration of music and dance in front of Old Mission Santa Barbara. Maria Cabrera stumbled across the watercolor by Arthur Beaumont while archiving Fiesta material in the Old Mission Archive library.

“Fiesta is a time to just enjoy life being together,” said La Presidente Cabrera whose 2022 theme is “Todos Juntos en Familia” translated: “All Together as a Family”.

“Choosing the poster image was meant to be,” she added. “You see the entire community represented: the dancers, the musicians, the Franciscan Friars, the spectators ... we are all there.”

To transform the image into the 2022 Fiesta poster, Patty Dryskel consulted in the printing and Amanda Vasquez worked on the typography which is an original font.

Just before the poster unveiling, La Presidente Cabrera presented the 2022 Fiesta Pin which is a 3D silver colored fan used, as she said, “for both dancing props and for our comfort.”

“Special to me is that it is fan that you must pin to your clothing - no magnet!”, said La Presidente Cabrera. “It is used by men and women. As a child it intrigued me. I always wanted to learn how to use it, to open it and to close it quick. I can now do that.”

2022 Fiesta Pin

The pin was designed by Old Spanish Days Associate and graphic artist Jenna Verbryke.

According to La Presidente Cabrera, the Fiesta Poster and Pin mean a great deal each year to the community. “A Fiesta year is remembered by these symbols,” she said. “I hope that for this year it will represent what we all are experiencing, Todos Juntos en Familia! And, as time goes by, hopefully it is a great memory for all of us that participated in the 2022 Fiesta!

The 2022 Fiesta Poster and Pin are available for order on-line at sbfiesta.org. Fiesta 2022 runs from August 3-7.