Old Spanish Days – Fiesta

Santa Barbara, CA. July 31 - August 4, 2024

Fiesta 100th Anniversary Poster Unveiled

Posted May 10, 2024

With Old Mission Santa Barbara as a backdrop, the 2024 Fiesta 100th Anniversary poster and pin have been unveiled to the community. 

Titled, Four Nations, One Spirit, the poster captures the rich tapestry of cultures that have shaped California's history. The pin is based on the poster's main image, and also includes lettering celebrating Fiesta's 100th Anniversary.


In traditional fashion, El Presidente 2024 Brian Schwabecher provided the vision for this year’s Fiesta poster and was joined by artist Holli Harmon for the unveiling.

“This year’s poster process started with a good deal of anxiety due to the high expectations of finding a visual image that represents our rich history going into our 100thAnniversary,” said El Presidente 2024 Brian Schwabecher. “The stars aligned, and I was so fortunate to find an image from Past Presidente Tim Taylor that led me the painter of this year’s poster, Holli Harmon. That image reassured me that she understood the importance of romance, celebration, and vibrancy of our Fiesta and when I shared my underlying vision to her, the Four Nations origin story shared with me by Past Presidente David Bolton, we both knew we had an idea, that if pulled off, would encapsulate so much in a high-stakes effort. Holli dug into researching the project right away and the-end-result is truly remarkable.”

Artist Holli Harmon spent months researching and creating this year’s Fiesta 100th Anniversary poster.


“In a world where history intertwines with imagination, and our memories get painted with strokes of nostalgia, Fiesta stands as a beacon of cultural celebration,” said Ms. Harmon. “I chose a traditional painting style to portray our collective memoirs, inviting us to partake in the joy of a shared heritage. Between the layers of nostalgia lies the true strength of Fiesta. It is a testament to our cultural vibrancy.

The 2024 Fiesta poster and pin are available at sbfiesta.org, the Flag Factory, Ace Hardware, and the SB Historical Museum.

Fiesta 2024, The Centennial, runs July 31-August 4 this year. Events and celebrations can be found at sbfiesta.org.